Sterling and Steel

Sterling and Steel

Salida, CO

Forged of a partnership between two artists who have metalsmithing in their blood, “Sterling and Steel” sculptural housewares are both contemporary and timeless, bringing the beauty and uniqueness of handwork to 21st Century life. There is nothing new in using heat and hammers to transform hard metal into a material soft and pliable as silk, before carefully allowing it to cool and assume its final shape. But in the right hands, the results are stunning, inviting, tangible, lasting.

In an era when most flatware and other goods are produced by machine, objects made with the creativity and skill of human hands are rare, precious. Machine-made objects are mere “things,” too easily disposed of, resources thoughtlessly wasted. Hand-made objects have a connection to the heart. They invite a relationship that, like the metal we forge, grows stronger over a lifetime and beyond.

“Sterling and Steel” objects are created with craftsmanship to last for centuries and style that fits with any decor. Rustic and brilliantly shiny, precious and recycled, dark and light, soft and hard, utilitarian and beautiful – their innate contrasts reflect life itself. The marriage of sterling and steel reflects our own marriage, a collaboration drawn on the best parts of contrasting natures. We are “Sterling and Steel,” one of us born to the trades of welding and shipbuilding, the other the precise work of goldsmiths.

“Sterling and Steel”… hand-forged heirlooms for a modern world.

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