Atelier Munsteiner

Atelier Munsteiner

Stipshausen, Germany

“Designing the stone” is the motivating maxim in the Munsteiner studio. The major focus lies in the modern shaping of diverse gemstones. This has already gained international recognition and won several awards. Expertly selected minerals are turned into valuable unique objects, job lots and objets d’art by means of new cutting styles. Beryl, tourmaline, garnet, amethyst, citrine, ametrine, fire opal, rock crystal and rutile quartz are mainly used. Our goldsmiths produce innovative unique jewelry in gold and platinum using these cuts.

Bernd Munsteiner was the first contemporary artist to go off in search of the aura of the crystal. For more than forty years now, he has been turning transparent stones in particular into images, objets d’art and sculptures.

Jutta Munsteiner attempts in a very sensitive manner to explore very cautiously the feelings which jewelry could provoke in the sophisticated customer who lives in the present.

Tom Munsteiner´s cutting artistry breaks with the traditional concept of the facetted gemstone not only because of the size of the stones used. Instead his work must be interpreted as a creative reflection of the essence of the crystal and his message to the world, which allows a profound insight into the substance of the crystal and reveals its poetic nature.

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