Jennifer Nielsen

Jennifer Nielsen

Portland, ME

Jennifer Nielsen is an artist who works in metal, plays in stone, dreams in jewelry, and finds joy in all three. A trained metalsmith who has studied under some of the most talented craftspeople in the medium, she transformed her love of rocks and minerals into a profession that elevates uncommon beach pebbles to a place that showcases their natural allure.

At low tide, Jennifer carefully selects each stone for its unique color, texture, size, and shape at pebble-strewn coasts of Portland, Maine. It’s a necessary and meditative part of her craft that offers an opportunity to get outside and connect with the natural world as often as the New England weather allows. Back in her studio, Jen lets the stones dictate their arrangement – alone or clustered, sterling silver or 18K gold, ring or brooch.

Jennifer has a special kinship with “rock picker-uppers” – people who come home with stones and pebbles in their pockets from walks, beach trips, and world travels. Her custom creations turn their gathered treasures into beautiful, wearable memories for a wedding, an anniversary, or just because.

Her studio’s deeply rooted social and environmental ethics mean customers are not only investing in the works of a talented craftswoman, they are supporting an artist who shares their core beliefs.

Jennifer’s handmade creations often pique the interests of discerning shop owners, curators, writers, and bloggers. Below is a list of just some of the locations where her work has been featured.

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